Design Organisation (DOA) for battery electric regional aircraft certification

VÆRIDION Co-Founder & CTO Dr. Sebastian Seemann

ADC Managing Director & Head of Airworthiness Boris Kölmel

Vaeridion GmbH, a Munich based company that is accelerating the green transformation of aviation with a small battery electric regional aircraft that will transport up to 9 passengers, and Aircraft Design Certification GmbH (ADC), a Neckargemünd (DE) based aeronautical Design Organisation (DOA) approved by EASA, are cooperating on the certification of VÆRIDION’s microliner as a General Aviation aircraft.


“VÆRIDION has been focusing on certification since the initiation of the project. We are pleased to collaborate since day one with ADC who have a track record in General Aviation as well as in electric propulsion certification with EASA. Their excellent team and compatible work attitude have already been of high value during our initial project phase.”
Dr. Sebastian Seemann – Chief Technical Officer – VÆRIDION


„The future of aviation will use electric power to achieve the sustainability goals the society expects from our industry. Society and regulators do expect the same level of safety for these novel products. In the VÆRIDION microliner concept we see a realistic approach to achieve this next step. VÆRIDION’s decision to account for certification from day one will be key to success. We are pleased to be selected to provide this service with our experience, validated tools and highly motivated team.”
Boris Kölmel – Director & Head of Airworthiness – Aircraft Design Certification


Type certification is a considerable effort in aviation and in particular for passenger transport towards a marketable product. It is therefore a key focus for VÆRIDION to ensure entry-into-service before 2030. The foreseeable market size for electric regional aircraft will range from 5.000 to 10.000 aircraft up to 2040.