Aero-Dienst and VÆRIDION collaborate on battery-electric eCTOL concept for air ambulance service and aircraft maintenance

VÆRIDION, a Munich based manufacturer of battery-electric aircraft, and Aero-Dienst, the Nuremberg-based full-service provider for business aviation and air ambulance services, will join forces to develop the first-in-class electric conventional take-off and landing (eCTOL) concept for flight ambulance services and aircraft maintenance. Aero-Dienst is a daughter company of the ADAC, responsible for the operation and maintenance of its fixed-wing aircraft fleet.

Next generation Air Ambulance aircraft

As a part of the collaboration agreement, the parties aim to conduct a feasibility study of the use of eCTOL aircraft for air ambulance operations. The scope of the collaboration covers operational and maintenance scenarios as well as the cabin design with intensive care medical equipment using VÆRIDION’s Microliner.

“A conventional design of the Microliner coupled with novel propulsion technologies and optimized aerodynamic performance provide the shortest route to certification in the CS-23 category. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation and cooperate with Aero-Dienst, the leading air ambulance and business aircraft operator in Germany,” says Ivor van Dartel, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VÆRIDION.

„With this cooperation agreement, we want to contribute to the further development of aviation and check the aspect of sustainability as an option for our ambulance fleet,“ says Dr. Oliver Kosing, CEO at Aero-Dienst. „The use of eCTOL ambulance aircraft would offer a tactical advantage for patient repatriations, as patients and med crew could be transported faster than with ground transportation in an ambulance and also completely emission-free,“ adds Kosing.

Maintenance blueprint

With over 65 years of experience in the maintenance and operation of business and ambulance jets, Aero-Dienst partners up with VÆRIDION team to develop the maintenance concept for its battery-electric aircraft.

For VÆRIDION, this agreement is a significant step towards commercialization of its product. It will enable the company to ensure the fastest route-to-market while enabling high-quality maintenance assistance to customers year-round.

Markus Kochs-Kämper, Vice President Engineering of VÆRIDION said “Aero-Dienst has enormous maintenance experience in General Aviation domain and will be helping us to develop the maintenance concept for a battery-electric aircraft, as well as maintenance planning and training programmes. We are looking forward to driving the change in sustainable aviation together with this trusted partner.”

For Aero-Dienst, which has an established network of maintenance stations in Germany (Nuremberg and Oberpfaffenhofen) and in Austria (Vienna and Klagenfurt), this cooperation agreement is an important milestone towards expanding its operations in sustainable aviation.

“Vaeridion is an industry trailblazer in aviation. We are delighted about the cooperation and about being able to play a key role in implementing the groundbreaking eCTOL technology,” says André Ebach, CEO at Aero-Dienst.

About Aero-Dienst

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VÆRIDION is a Munich based company that is accelerating the green transformation of aviation with a small electric aircraft that will be certified and delivered before 2030. The 100% battery-electric Microliner aircraft, which with its groundbreaking, energy-efficient design will be a crucial contribution to the aviation industry’s transition to zero-emission flights.