Zero emission regional
flights to close the gap.

Clean and affordable mobility for underserved
regions with our electric microliner.

The most efficient
aircraft in its class.

Glider-inspired wing with integrated batteries
for maximum energy efficiency.

No science-fiction,
but service before 2030.

Combining engineering excellence with
the best existing technology.

The key to flying lies in wing design, not in more powerful engines.

His flying machines may not have been perfect, but aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal correctly recognized this fact over 130 years ago. As clean energy is scarce and a transition to zero emission mobility is essential, we need a paradigm shift.

Therefore, we have focused on energy-efficient aircraft design that makes a difference. Our electric microliner can fly with the lowest energy consumption for up to 9 passengers plus crew, for distances up to 500 km.

Connecting regional airfields – and saving precious time!

Trains and electric vehicles are great ways to travel but are simply not an option on many routes. Anyone who ever had to get from Stuttgart to Dresden or from Münster to Kiel knows that. Travel times feel endless.
In many regions of Germany, for example, there is no high-speed train service that takes you right to your destination. Highways rarely run directly from A to B either and are frequently congested.

But for 80 percent of Germany’s population there is a regional airfield nearby within less than 20 km.
Our electric microliners will connect these airfields and save travelers multiple hours per regional trip. Overnights become a thing of the past – and business travelers can spend the evening with their family and friends.

Try out our app to see how much time you could save on your travels!

Soaring to efficiency: Meet our electric microliner.

To enable the most energy-saving way of flying, we took inspiration from gliders. As a result, up to 9 passengers plus crew can travel up to 500 km with our electric microliner.

Its high aspect ratio wing provides minimum cruise drag and high glide ratio. To optimize the structural weight and therefore the travel distance even more, we integrate our batteries into the wing, not into the fuselage.

Clean and affordable air mobility before 2030.

As the green revolution in aviation needs to happen now, we take the shortest route to certification and production by combining the best existing technology with engineering excellence. Services with our microliners will be operational before 2030, when conventional short-haul air travel will be restricted in a growing number of countries.
No expensive, lengthy, and energy-intensive investments in infrastructure are needed to offer services with our microliner. It can land on large commercial airports as well as on small, regional airfields – of which there are thousands in Europe and in the USA.

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VÆRIDION: Dedicated to green air mobility.

Our team consists of aviation experts with decades of combined experience at key industry players. We were brought together by the conviction that the transition to green air mobility was not happening fast enough.

The ability to fly has advanced our society. If we don’t want to lose it, we need to make aviation cleaner, better and greener. This is the VÆRIDION vision.


Ivor van Dartel

Co-Founder | CEO

Dr. Sebastian Seemann

Co-Founder | CTO

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