Circularity of Battery cells for eCTOL aircraft

Vaeridion GmbH, a Munich based company that is accelerating the green transformation of aviation with a small battery electric aircraft that will be certified and delivered before 2030, and Cylib GmbH, an innovative and leading company in sustainable technology for Lithium-ion Battery recycling with more than 90% recycling efficiency, based in Aachen, have started to cooperate on the circularity of battery modules in eCTOL aircraft.


„Aircraft batteries are an important feedstock for our recycling process. New battery systems are to be tested regarding their recyclability before entering the market. We are looking forward to a close collaboration with VÆRIDION – who have a strong team and a promising technology – to establish a true circular economy across the value chain.“
Lilian Schwich – Chief Executive Officer – Cylib


“eCTOL Aircraft such as the VÆRIDION Microliner will require a large amount of lithium-ion batteries during its lifetime. As we aim to have a sustainable and circular product strategy from the very beginning, we are excited to cooperate with Cylib – leveraging their insight and leading technology to regain valuable resources – ensuring from the very beginning our battery modules will have circularity designed into them.”
Ivor van Dartel – Chief Executive Officer – VÆRIDION


The foreseeable Market Size for eCTOL aircraft will range from 5.000 to 10.000 aircraft up to 2040 and would require up to 8 GWh of battery cells yearly for series production and in service replacement. All batteries will have a second life on ground after end of life for aviation is reached. After the second end of life, the modules and battery cells will be recycled to achieve a circular value stream.

Cylib Co-Founder and CEO
Lilian Swich

VÆRIDION Co-Founder and CEO
Ivor van Dartel